Short nose rhinoplasty in Korea

Short nose rhinoplasty in Korea

The length of 1/3 is an ideal nasal ratio in the whole face.

But short nose has a shorter lengthiness than 1/3. And the nose tip is upturned, and the nostrils can be shown a lot.


Therefore short nose rhinoplasty is to make nose lengthiness to the ideal ratio (1/3)


1. Materials to make nose tip longer.

Nose tip skin is thin and sensitive. And Tip is a movable part of nose comparing to nose bridge.

Therefore, KOKO never fix nose tip with artificial implant (especially L type silicone).

If fixed, there can be damage to the nasal skin, infection, and other problem can occur.

Autologous materials, like Nose septum cartilage, ear cartilage, rib cartilage, is a better materials on nose tip plasty.


However, in many of short nose, their nose septal cartilage also short and weak.

In this case, can not use own septal cartilage, then we can consider donated rib cartilage or own rib cartilage as alternative material.


2. Materials to make nasal dorsum with better shape.

If need to augment the nasal dorsum, we can consider I-type silicone, goretex, dermis, rib cartilage etc as a material.


3. Before and After of short nose rhinoplasty in Korea

Short nose rhinoplasty in Korea